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How To Confuse A.I. - Peter Wick's funny, satrical SciFi book has been rated 5 stars by Readers Favorite! "Unique and thought provoking all at the same time...I couldn't stop laughing." Luwi Nyakansaila, ReadersFavorite.

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New announced publication schedule:

The Years of My Day: Renowned peace activist Floyd Schmoe's post mortem memoir

Late January, 2023

Our original plan - and announced publication schedule - for Floyd Schmoe's memoir, "The Years of my Day," was to make the book available to the public in late 2020. We hope and trust that our delay in publishing Schmoe's book until January, 2023, due to CoronaVirus closures of libraries on the University of Washington campus (where Schmoe's works are archived), will make sense to those following the progress of the book. Our new publication schedule will see the book become available January 24, 2023. Thank you for your patience.

Milo and Meg are Solid

Wick's first book for kids...or is it for adults who are still kids?


Drawings are coming to life, and they know when they are being erased! 13 year-old Milo, and his 12 year-old sister Meg, have discovered something strange in their hometown of August; a strange world called Icarus where they become pencil drawings. The world around them is a watercolor painting.

By Peter Wick

The Key West Series

"An engaging fun read." -Mark Howell, Key West Citizen

"Borders on riveting." -Amazon customer review

5 Stars "I love the setting and the characters." -Janelle Fila, Readersfavorite

Thousands of copies sold across the series

Key West - The Novel: (2013) The original Wheelman Press edition, inspired by real events and characters...Trouble is brewing in Key West

Key West - Special Edition: (2015) Kicks off with prequel short story "The King of the Keys." Updates the original novel.

Key West  - The Companion Episodes: (2015) Set a year after the original novel (1951), some have suggested that the Companion Episodes is an even better book than the original.

The Past Is Going to Suck

"Skillful tongue in cheek humor." -Kimberly J. Benart, Readersfavorite.

"A book that never overstays its welcome, and leaves you wanting a little bit more." Manahattan Book Review.

The history of the 20th century is all wrong. Please, time travelers, don't make it worse! The Past is Going to Suck breaks the century down decade by decade, until eventually the century itself...breaks down.

It is What it Is

"Readers will follow the flow and enjoy this tale." Dick Weissman, Portland Book Reivew

It Is What It Is (2015) is Wick's 'riff' on The Dude (The Big Lebowski). Seventeen years ago Zenny Zeller was the drummer of one-hit wonder band "Gupperfish." Now he rents space in his house to the beautiful Stella and her band. Stella's drummer IQ has disappeared...again. Zenny and the band bumble through one possible lead after another, hoping to find IQ before their big club show for industry mogul, Glazer-from-Polymorph. Inspired in part by Wick's own history on the fringes of the 'grunge' music scene.

Funny, Sexy, Nanobots (and other improvements)

Peter Wick's blog "Simple Displeasures" has become a destination for thousands of readers since its debut in 2012. Funny Sexy Nanobots (2017) brings the first five years of the blog together with lots of bonus treats; humor, essays, short stories, and additional goodies. The book concludes with the well-respected 20-page short story, "The Salvador Deli."

By Morgan Wick

The Game to Show the Games

ESPN collects hundreds of millions of dollars in rights fees from cable subscribers, before selling a single advertisement. In The Game to Show the Games, Morgan Wick exposes how this lucrative revenue stream and the competition between media conglomerates has become a billion-dollar boon for sports leagues across the nation and the world, and how this has shaken up the rest of the television industry. Whether you’re an avid sports fan, an active sports hater, or just someone wondering why your cable bill is so high, The Game to Show the Games is a must-read.