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How To Confuse A.I. (by Peter Wick)

50 years in the future technology has taken over, and the results are...hilarious!


How To Confuse A.I. by Peter Wick is a comedic take on the idea of an A.I.-driven society. Stories or movies based on this idea are always serious and action-oriented. This story threw all that down the drain and stood out from the rest. It is unique and thought-provoking all at the same time. Adam is the most relatable character I have ever come across. I had the same reactions he had to all the insanity that was going on around him. The story has an abundance of plot twists that just kept on coming. I could not stop laughing whenever I came across Tyrell Elon Zuzerzos's name. The play on these names is hilarious. If you want to enjoy a light-hearted comedic story about man versus artificial intelligence, this book is for you. - Luwi Nyakansaila -ReadrersFavorite

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