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Milo and Meg are Solid (by Peter Wick)


13 year-old Milo, and his 12 year-old sister Meg, have discovered something strange in their hometown of August. They have discovered a world called Icarus where they become pencil drawings. the world around them is a watercolor painting...

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Azzurri Bestsellers

Key West: Special Edition (by Peter Wick)

With thousands of copies sold across the Key West series (which is really just two books in various editions), the Special Edition brings together the original novel with prequel short story "The King of the Keys".
"Borders on riveting." - Amazon reader review

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The Game to Show the Games (by Morgan Wick)

Morgan Wick brings his expert analysis and storyteller's sensibility to this overview of how ESPN conquered the world. This engaging book is a must-have for sports lovers and media watchers.

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The Past is Going to Suck! (by Peter Wick)

Peter Wick brings his comic voice and the "real" history of the 20th Century together in this funny, irreverent book. "Clever, tongue-in-cheek humor" raves ReadersFavorite.com in their 5-star review.
"A book that never overstays its welcome and leaves you wanting a little bit more." - Manhattan Book Review

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